Emily Caswell Photography

Welcome to the website of Emily Caswell Photography. I am currently in my second year at University College Falmouth, studying Marine & Natural History Photography. I specialise in Wildlife & Equestrian photography. I work exclusively with Nikon equipment delivering top quality images.
My work can be viewed at: http://500px.com/EmilyCaswell. Should you have a brief or commission, wish to purchase an image, or simply just wish to register an interest please email me with your enquiries at emilycaswell@live.com

Here are a few of my photographs taken at this years Badminton Horse Trials 2013, Dressage Day 1.

©Emily Caswell Photography, seek permission before use & e-mail me at emilycaswell@live.com to purchase or ask about images.

The whole Dressage Day 1 collection can be found here…http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/1880740665 &¬†http://500px.com/EmilyCaswell

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